Term and Conditions of Products, Services and Warranties

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The services are provided by Smoke Alarm Services NSW Pty Ltd, ABN 82 645 071 110, our contact details are:

Phone: 0457 138 325

Email: info@smokealarmservicesnsw.com.au

By using any of our services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of products, services and warranties.

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Our services are provided on an annual subscription basis and on a pay-per-service basis.

Standard of smoke alarms

We confirm that all of the Smoke Alarms that we install as part of our Services: comply with the relevant standards under the applicable Australian Standard AS3786; have the Standards Australia Mark or are Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) certified; and we will replace faulty, expired, missing or damaged smoke alarms with that of our preferred manufacturer brands and that meet the above description.

Fees and Payment

The fees payable by you will be based on the Services the Enrolled Property is enrolled in and will be notified to you by us or by your Agent at enrolment, together with these Terms.

You authorise your Agent to pay us on your behalf in respect of any Fees due. Fees will be payable within thirty (30) days of the invoice date without set off or deduction.

You acknowledge that we may adjust the Fees from time to time, but only with prior notice to you.

Annual Maintenance Plan Mandatory 1-year (12 months) Service Contract

Property owners and/or landlord’s (or their duly authorised real estate agents or property managers) who hire Smoke Alarm Services NSW to upgrade and/or install smoke alarms at their (rental) properties are required to employ Smoke Alarm Services NSW to manage their property for a minimum period of 1 year and to accept ongoing service contract invoices every 1 year. Unless otherwise directed we are only required to visit a property approximately once a year. Fees are charged once per year.

By purchasing an Annual Maintenance Plan for an enrolled property, we will service smoke alarms in the enrolled property for a 12-month period and attend to any faulty, expired, damaged, missing or beeping smoke alarms at that property.

Details of the Annual Maintenance Plan and Additional Services and their pricing can be found in the schedule of Smoke Alarm Services NSW – Services Pricing, which is updated from time to time.

During the applicable 12-month subscription period we will ensure that the smoke alarms and installations in the relevant property comply with smoke alarm legislation applicable in the State or Territory in which the enrolled property is located.

No liability is incurred during the period between determining that a smoke alarm is defective and replacing the smoke alarm. We have no responsibility other than to make reasonable efforts to obtain access and to replace the defective alarm.

Annual Maintenance Plan cancellation by property owners and/or landlord’s (or their duly authorised real estate agents or property managers) is to be confirmed in writing or by email to Smoke Alarm Services NSW.

Annual Maintenance Plan

For each Property that is enrolled in the Annual Maintenance Plan we will ensure that a Scheduled Smoke Alarm Service is carried out at least annually, which shall include (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Conducting an annual maintenance check on each Smoke Alarm to confirm they are in a good working order. This includes cleaning, running smoke and button tests and checking status relative to each Smoke Alarm’s expiry period;

  • Conducting an annual Smoke Alarm battery check and/or replace removable batteries for all Smoke Alarms at a property;

  • Assess positioning and functionality of each Smoke Alarm required by relevant legislation and identification of any installed Smoke Alarm that is excess to such requirements;

  • After inspecting and testing your smoke alarms, if we find any out of date or defective, or if you require any additional smoke alarms in order to comply with current NSW legislation, these will be supplied and installed free of charge.

  • Replacing or rectifying non-compliant, faulty or expired Smoke Alarms if required for compliance. In some circumstances, replacing a Wired Smoke Alarm may require a qualified electrician to attend the property. Where this is required, a qualified electrician will be booked to attend to install a replacement at no additional cost to you. Where the Wired Smoke Alarm is non-compliant or faulty, a temporary battery powered smoke alarm will be installed close to the position of the faulty wired smoke alarm pending the electrician attendance;

  • Creating a Smoke Alarm Statement of Compliance Report in respect of each Smoke Alarm Service and maintaining a photo database with time/date/location stamps of all Smoke Alarms (in accordance with our Privacy Policy). In the event of an incident at a property, digital records are available as an audit trail of the Smoke Alarm Services provided;

  • Re-attendance when beeping or faulty alarms require attention

  • Repair or replace a smoke alarm that is not working within 2 days of becoming aware that it is not working’ and

  • Replace a smoke alarm with a new smoke alarm within 10 years from the manufactured date, or earlier if specified by the smoke alarm manufacturer.

Following the initial Annual Maintenance Plan service visit, damaged smoke alarms or property, including missing or removed and lost smoke alarms, will not be covered under warranty or the Annual Maintenance Plan. Smoke Alarm Services NSW reserves the right to invoice the tenants or owners for the work required to make the property compliant again.

Alarms not required for compliance.

Regardless of whether our Services are provided under an Annual Maintenance Plan or on a pay-per-service basis, provided that a smoke alarm is functional and within its expiry date then we will service and maintain the smoke alarm under the relevant Service offering. (Note: Some customer contracts specifically state that Smoke Alarm Services NSW will not test, service and maintain smoke alarms if the alarms are not required for compliance)

However, if an alarm is not required for compliance and the alarm is faulty, damaged or expired, we will:

not replace, service and maintain the smoke alarm, except as otherwise set out in the terms of the specific Service offering; and in some circumstances (dependent on the legislation of the relevant State or Territory) we may remove the smoke alarm and notify you of the reason for its removal.

240-volt power supply wiring circuit

If testing determines a 240-volt smoke alarm power supply wiring circuit fault, a quote will be provided for electrical repairs before smoke alarms can be re-tested/installed.

If 240-volt wiring to an existing or proposed smoke alarm requires extending, relocating, repositioning or any other modification required to comply with any current legislation, a quote will be provided for these electrical repairs before smoke alarms can be re-tested/installed.

Electrical Installations (if done by us).

We certify that the electrical installation, to the extent that is affected by the electrical work, has been tested to ensure it is electrically safe and is in accordance with the requirements of the wiring rules and any other standard applying to the electrical installation under the NSW Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2015.

Relocating & Replacing Smoke Alarms

To be compliant with the Law, there are requirements in relation to the positioning of Smoke Alarms in your property. Please note when a Smoke Alarm is relocated or replaced, there may be residual damage either from the original installation or resulting from the relocation or replacement of the Smoke Alarm. Our technicians are not professional painters/plasterers but will make every reasonable effort to avoid causing further damage. Damage that may have been caused by the original installation or from the relocation or replacement can vary due to the type of original Smoke Alarm installed, the size of the cable hole and existing paint coverage and there may be discolouration from the original Smoke Alarm location or from plastering. Where you require repair, a quote for a professional plasterer/painter can be provided upon request. Any such work would be at your own additional cost.

Smoke Alarm Statement of Compliance Report

Our Smoke Alarm Statement of Compliance Report certifies compliance or non-compliance of the smoke alarms at the enrolled property with the legislative requirements for smoke alarms for the building classification of the building on the property in force on the inspection date in the State or Territory where the enrolled property is situated.

Smoke Alarm Statement of Compliance Reports are not a building compliance certificate.

Price of Smoke Alarms and Service Contracts

Smoke Alarm Services NSW reserves the right to update both the price of smoke alarm installations as well as annual service contracts at any time. All parties involved will be notified of any such changes.

Quotes and Estimates

All quotes and estimates provided to customers for specific work may incur additional costs outside of the quote. The quote/estimate is based on information provided from the client regarding project requirements and is subject to change if required. Actual cost may change once all project elements are finalized or negotiated. Prior to any changes of cost, the client will be notified. Quotes/estimates are valid for 30 days.

Service Callouts

Smoke Alarm Services NSW phones are monitored around the clock so that we can service our network of smoke alarms within our client base. We accept no liability, financially or legally, if a third-party services our smoke alarms. Our phone numbers are provided to Agents, Owners and Tenants via our website, email, entry notices, service stickers and other correspondence.

Attending to a property & Keys

By enrolling your property with Smoke Alarm Services NSW, you authorize us to arrange entry via your agent or tenant to service the property. We do not accept any responsibility for damage arising from the use of keys prior to them being collected or following their return.

Work Orders and Work Requests

No liability is incurred during the period between receipt of a work order/request and our visiting the relevant property. We have no responsibility other than to make reasonable efforts to schedule in the request for our technicians based on current workloads.

Building Classification

We will generally not provide Smoke Alarm Compliance Services in respect of buildings classified as any class other than Class 1a or Class 2 (sole occupancy) buildings.

  • Buildings are classified under the Building Code of Australia.

  • A Class 1a building means a single dwelling property being — (i) a detached house; or (ii) one or more attached dwellings, each being a building, separated by a fire-resisting wall.

  • Class 2 (sole occupancy) building means a property containing 2 or more sole-occupancy units each being a separate dwelling.

  • We are not a building surveyor, and we do not know the relevant date that a property was built or renovated. You are responsible for informing us of such dates and building types in your property Enrolment Form or Work Order.

  • Our trained technicians use reasonable efforts to estimate the build date or renovation date and building classification to determine the number of smoke alarms required and their layout. No liability is incurred If you have not provided the relevant information, building approvals or the information is incorrect, or our technician is of the view that the information is incorrect.


Five Year Warranty

Five (5) year warranty applies for all smoke alarms supplied and installed by Smoke Alarm Services NSW provided the property remains under the cover of Smoke Alarm Services NSW Annual Maintenance Plan. It is on a new for old basis and runs from the manufacture/installation date of the smoke alarm as provided by the manufacturer.

Ten Year Warranty

Ten (10) year warranty applies for all Red Smoke Alarms supplied and installed by Smoke Alarm Services NSW. It is on a new for old basis and runs from the manufacture/installation date of the smoke alarm as provided by the manufacturer.

Conditions of Service

Smoke Alarm Services NSW reserves the right to turn down requests for business based on geographical location, size of client base, current workload and potential safety risks.


Electronic communication carries with it the risk of inadvertent misdirection, security breaches or non-delivery. By using our services, you consent to the use of electronic communication.